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The Wordsmith is a UK-based, top-20 bestselling fantasy author of 6 novels and a tier 1 creative strategist / content writer for major brands and start-up companies.

With over 18 years writing experience, he has worked with major global companies such as Deliveroo and Bang & Olufsen, and since 2019, countless projects within the Fintech and DeFi spaces. A handful of examples include:, Sonar, Defyca, Cure, CoinScan, DiamondSwap, DecentraBNB, Zeeverse, Luna Classic, Streamer Inu, Pixl, TitanMaker, and Immortal Game.

The Wordsmith’s work has been featured in top-level media publications such as Yahoo! Finance, Benzinga, CoinTelegraph, BSC News, and Bloomberg, among many others. Several of his articles have gone viral, receiving hundreds of thousands of views and garnering huge interest in the associated projects.


The Wordsmith is well-known and respected in the decentralized finance sector for his friendly and dedicated attitude, exceptional work quality, and fast turnaround. He also fully doxxes with those he works with for full peace-of-mind. This is why for many, he is the go-to writer for gold-standard content.

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