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Below are sample testimonials from operational leads of varying projects that the Wordsmith has worked for. All individuals can be contacted directly for confirmation if required, and further testimonials can be provided upon request. 


Zeid (CEO of Streamer Inu):

"The Wordsmith's work is nothing short of phenomenal. His research and usage of words to create a unique angle is pure magic – ever since I’ve worked with him I have never even thought of considering another content writer. Doesn’t matter the direction or category, the Wordsmith always finds a way to blow me away with his skills."


Rocco (CEO of HHUB): 

“I have worked with the Wordsmith for almost a year now. There was not one written task or duty he had to do for us that did not exceed our expectations. Very dedicated and loves what he does. An unparalleled writer, content creator, and creative strategist that you absolutely need on your team.”


Jacob (CEO of CURE):

"The Wordsmith is a rockstar! His work on the variety of CURE website properties and articles has been exceptional. His work product is usually production ready after the first draft and his content is nothing short of incredible. Great guy to work with and a solid partner."

Eric (COO of DecentraBNB):

"The Wordsmith is a necessity for any serious project hoping to elevate their written content. His dedication to his craft, work ethic, speedy responses, and the sheer quality of what he produces is nothing short of a miracle. Since we found him we have never once considered using another content writer.  I would go as far to say he is probably one of, if not the best writer working in the crypto space today."

Evan (CMO of CoinScan):

"The Wordsmith has always been able to provide us with a reliable and thorough service in a very timely manner. His writing skills are extremely sharpened and he won't waste his time when paid hourly! He's also keen to brush up on fresh topics so he can truly understand a given task. 10/10!"

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